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Beautiful Moms and Babies In The Nature

It’s particularly interesting to see how each animal species takes care of their young and how they protect them in the wild.

For example, penguins hold their eggs on their feet to keep them above the frozen land. Mother bears, wolves, and foxes build dens to shelter vulnerable young from the elements. The Earth is full of interesting animal facts, many of which still remain unknown by humans. Here is a surprising photo gallery, emphasizing the strong mother-child bond.

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Baby Hand Soaps

Okay, these weird baby hand soaps are plain weird for my taste. They should rename them “cut-off baby hand soap”. Weird, and wonderful, these little hands are actual soap. About 10 different hands in different skin tones come in a pack. Handmade of goat’s milk.

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Japanese Shaving Baby

OK, this one definitely tops the list for the most disturbing toy of all times! The super hairy ‘Shave the Baby’ doll was created with added bushy tufts of bright orange hair protruding from her ankles, armpits, and most disturbingly, her pubic region, and was designed with the intention of giving the owner of the doll the pleasure of shaving it off.

For most of us — shaving ourselves is hassle enough, why would we want to do it to a doll as well? Um, don’t answer that. (Link)

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