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Simpson Desert (Australia): the red sand desert

Australia is home to four large deserts, popularized by Mad Max: Sturt’s Stoney Desert, Tanami Desert, the Great Victoria Desert and the Simpson Desert, which is also known as ‘The Big Red’ due to the presence of dunes of red sand. The Simpson Desert is an erg which contains the world’s longest parallel sand dunes. These north-south oriented dunes are static, held in position by vegetation. They vary in height from 3 metres in the west to around 30 metres on the eastern side. The most famous dune, Nappanerica, or, more popularly, Big Red (named by Simpson Desert traveller Dennis Bartell), is 40 metres in height.

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The minute I saw this photo, I felt sorry for a poor guy. I assumed it’s a picture of a dying elephant. But later I realised it came from a site dedicated to sand sculptures
. This exibit is located at Harrison Hot Springs, also know as “Harrisand”. Harrisand hosts a World Championships of Sand Sculpture, so if you visit it, you can’t miss having really great time. Check for more of amazing sand sculptures inside this post. I posted only those who manage to deceive, giving you impression it’s real thing not a sand sculpture. Be sure to visit this site for full full set of images.

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